At a special meeting on Wednesday, May 13, the Brookville Town Council voted to move forward with a $3.7 million aquatic center.

GM Development will be the project developer. While the total cost is $3.7 million, this includes accepting a $2 million loan from First Merchants Bank with a 20-year fixed interested rate of 2.9 percent.

The town received four letters in support of the project as well as some questions which were submitted.

One of the questions submitted was in regard to the price increase from $2.4 million to $3.7 million. It was explained that there were actually two increases. Because of the passage of time, there are increases in cost of labor and not necessarily pool cost increases.

While the price is higher than the original budget, council member Curtis Ward explained they are lower than the initial quote Greg Martz of GM Development and his team initially received. The original interest rate ranged from 3.5 to 3.7 percent and now sits at 2.9 percent at 20-year fixed rate. Martz explained previous budgets were construction only and the budget they're looking at now includes soft costs and engineering fees. Delaying the decision could potentially cause another price increase.

Beth Foster, chairperson of the pool committee, said she believed they were at a point where they needed to proceed with the project or give up. She added a lot of support and research went into this project.

“I can't believe how much you guys have been able to raise on this,” said Martz. “I've never seen anyone even come close.”

Martz continued to answer questions, including when the pool would be transferred back to the town. The pool will be transferred back to the town 10 days after certificate of substantial completion. The estimate is Memorial Day of 2021. The town will have complete control after that transfer.

As far as cost overruns, there won't be cost overruns to the town. Martz said there is no ability to issue or receive a change order under the contract.

BTC president Mike Biltz said the pool campaign does remain open and will gladly take donations, as there will always be extra things the pool will need. 

Biltz added something the pool committee decided to eliminate was a shelter on the south side of the property. If funds were to become available, it would be something they would consider. 

Foster added they would eventually like to form a “friends of the pool” committee as the completion date gets closer. This committee would look at things the pool potentially needs and give feedback. 

The meeting wrapped up with thanking everyone involved with the project and a unanimous vote to move forward with the project.