There could be a bright future for Franklin County football.

The seventh grade football team finished the season undefeated at 8-0. It is not an anomaly. In the past three years before this year during Youth Football, the same team was the Super Bowl champions in 2017 and 2018 and was the Super Bowl runner-up in 2016.

In the past three seasons, the team has amassed a 27-1 record. The one loss was a 7-6 loss to Batesville in 2018.

“This team is comprised of players that all buy in and put the team and their teammates first,” defensive coordinator Zach Reece said. “This willingness provides us the ability to move guys around providing what we coaches think as a potential matchup advantage when facing opponents.

“These boys work their butts off during football and all other sports they may play,” he continued. “This group absolutely loves the physicality of the great game of football, so much so that at times we have had to tone down practices. We (the coaches) love it.”

This season the victories were: 18-0 victory over Greensburg; 44-0 victory over Rushville with a running clock in the second half; 20-0 over Batesville, a team the Wildcats played in the Super Bowl the last three seasons and the  owner of their only defeat in the last three seasons; East Central 14-12; Lawrenceburg 30-8; Richmond 42-0 with the running clock in the second half; and South Dearborn, 43-0 with a running clock in the second half.

In another game, the Wildcats defeated Connersville 22-6. This was a combined game with the seventh and eighth grade teams participating for both Connersville and Franklin County. For the Wildcats, the seventh grade team played offense, and the eighth grade team played defense.

Coaches for the team are Reece as the defensive coordinator and Tony Pflum as the offensive coordinator. When the team played in youth football, other coaches included: Robby Kruthaupt, Justin Seals and Wes Gillman.

Reece was asked if any of the players stood out. He said no.

“We are a team,” Reece said. “It takes all not a few.”

These are athletes who are not dedicated to and specialize in a single sport, but they enjoy the ability to play several different sports throughout the year. Also, the football coaches emphasize the need for the athletes to be well-rounded individuals.

“A lot of the boys play numerous other sports,” Reece said. “We as coaches also identify the importance of academics and just being good people no matter where you are. You wear that Wildcat jersey, and you wear it with pride. Get it done in the classroom or your abilities on the field don't matter.”
As for the athletes' future, it all depends on the athletes, Reece said.

“The future of this team will be determined by the willingness of the players to stick together, maintain focus, continue to work like there is no tomorrow and discipline,” Reece said.  

The team includes: Braylon Kruthaupt, Hud Hughey, Landon Johnson, Luke Halpin, Kaden Welch, Justin Billman, Kayden Kerr, Colin Troyer, Avery Crouch, Cole Freese, Kody Schwab, Jack Seals, Carter Smith, Jared Welke, Quinn Gillman, Brock Beal, Hunter Weartz, Brenden Kolter, Lane Westerman, Jack Dirkhising and Joe Day.