In memory of

Michelle Dawn

Foster Fields

who passed away

December 13, 1995

Sadly missed

by family


In loving memory of

Christine and

Butch Brown

As it was said when we lost Dad

We are orphans now, how sad.

Though this may be true

We are luckier than most, for we had you.

As you told us all the time

You choose your friends over time,

But families you do not.

Families you were given for reasons we know not.

We have our ups and downs

And some may say we’re clowns.

But all of what we are,

Even when shooting for a star,

This comes from both of you.

You can try to deny it, but it’s true,

You planted the seed

That started this path, oh yes indeed.

Sometimes we seem so far apart

Then others we seem so smart,

But whatever it is we do,

It still comes back to you.

So at Christmas, this is especially true,

We stand together and honor you.

We miss you each and every day

And surely you know this, we pray.

We save your spot still

And at times we get a chill

As we know you are near

Which may cause us to shed a tear.

Not saying this is bad

Just makes us a little sad

For we wish we had expressed ourselves better

Instead of now putting it in a letter.

We believe you’re in a better place

Until we meet again face to face,

We wish you a “Merry Christmas” from all of us.

Love always,

The family of

Christine and Butch Brown


In loving memory of

Fred and Anne Combs

It’s that time of year again

When hope and joy begin.

I know it should be here

Throughout the entire year.

But at Christmas it’s especially so

That’s when people let it flow

And all the things you use to do

Though we may not remember the gifts that were bought,

We certainly remember the warm Christmas thought.

We remember the Christmas cheer,

The parties and, yes, the beer.

We remember the good times had

Even if we were a little bad.

We hope that Heaven knows

How greatly God chose

When He took you from us

And all “your” kids on your bus.

We look forward to a time

When we’re together instead of remembering with a rhyme.

So, with that being said,

We will continue to got to bed

Remembering your cheer, your smile,

Wishing all peace and joy for awhile.

We miss you more than you know,

But we’ll keep on letting your Christmas spirit show!


The Combs Family