Dear Editor, Michael Bruner To whomever gives a crap, Today 9/12/2019 I had the displeasure to receive a parking ticket for failing to put a quarter in a parking meter in Brookville In! I went and paid the ticket immediately while expressing in a less than happy way about the antiquated practice. Much like this country which is regressing to less than stellar time in its history, so to is Brookville Indiana. While being explained the reasoning behind adopting such a time gone by process which most towns and cities across this forlorn nation have abandoned. I told the employees of this town that I would no longer be frequenting any downtown business establishments. I was hungry and needing to use a restroom quickly jumped from the truck and rushed in. The thought of the parking meter rapidly left my mind! I truly do not wish the businesses in this 1960's town any ill will I do hope Brookville dries up and blows away along with all the town council or gestapo as I will be calling them in the future. I loved to come and fish here at the spillway but since I will no longer be frequenting any businesses in this town as a personal protest, that will no longer be possible! Yours In a very mad way!