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  • A look at Union County athletic conferences
    The Whitewater Valley was once home to several high school basketball “super conferences.”
  • Springfield – the town
    Throughout Franklin County’s history, there were numerous little towns –some flourished and some just didn’t get off the ground and slowly vanished over time.
  • Birchill
    Birchill, one of Franklin County’s showplaces and one of the most beautifully landscaped little gems in the town of Brookville. But that was more than half a century ago. 
  • “No Finer Home on Wheels”
    “No Finer Home on Wheels” was just one of the advertising slogans for the luxury trailer coaches made right here in Brookville.
  • Beers the Cartographer
    In the past, I have referred to our “standard” county reference books, which simply means they are the go-to books for the earliest and most concise history of our county.
  • Magic is in the Air…John Calvert
    In honor of what would have been entertainer-extraordinaire John Calvert’s 109th birthday, this week’s article is dedicated to him.
  • “My Affair with a Dead Man”
    That was the working title suggested by my significant other for the book I was compiling.
  • A Fish Hatchery and a Party Grove
    The beautiful countryside of our county is dotted with remnants of hundreds of once exciting, interesting and unique places.
  • Fairgrounds of years past
    In the Forgotten Franklin County column of last year at this time, we mentioned briefly the site of the current fairground and a little of its history. 
  • A story of forgotten sacrifices, Fairfield Part 3
    Life in the village of Fairfield remained much the same for well over one hundred years, and its peak population was estimated to have been about 350 individuals.
  • A Story of Forgotten Sacrifices, Fairfield Part 2
    The town of Fairfield was located in Section 21 of Fairfield Township in Franklin County, about nine miles north of the county seat of Brookville. 
  • A Story of Forgotten Sacrifices, Fairfield Part 1
    The Brookville Reservoir was impounded in 1974 and was officially dedicated in July 1975.
  • Forgotten Franklin County - Mixerville
    I bet that many of you who travel to Oxford, on Oxford Pike, pass by a grouping of houses that you don't even know comprise a town. Mixerville. 
Friday, June 2, 2023

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