The Whitewater Valley was once home to several high school basketball “super conferences.” First there was the Whitewater Valley Conference (WVC), then there was the East Central Conference (ECC). These conferences were home to most of the smaller eastern Indiana high schools from the 1940s through the 1960s. 

By the late 1930s, many of the larger schools at the time had joined the few conferences that formed throughout the state; there were the Central Indiana, North Central, Northeastern, South Central, Southern Indiana, and Wabash Valley conferences. These conferences were only available for schools that offered all sports; many of the smaller schools in eastern Indiana didn't offer football, so they were refused membership into the larger conferences. The IHSAA would just place the schools in “county conferences” at the time. The Union County Conference was Liberty, Kitchel, College Corner and Brownsville. College Corner also played in the Preble County Conference in Ohio.

In 1940 the smaller east central Indiana area schools got together and created the Whitewater Valley Conference (WVC) - the first conference other than “county conferences” available to most of these smaller schools. It was formed of teams in the Union County Conference, Fayette County Conference and the Franklin County Conference. The original teams in the WVC included Alquina, Brookville, Brownsville, College Corner, Harrisburg, Kitchel, Laurel, Liberty, Springfield Township and Whitewater Township. Brookville played in both the Franklin County and the Southeastern Indiana Conference (SIC) from 1930-40. Brookville, being the northernmost team in the SIC, often had to travel as far as Corydon and Madison for games, so joining the locally based conference made sense. The WVC lasted from 1940 until the late 1960s, when school consolidation knocked the conference down from its original 10 teams to six teams. When the consolidation wave was finally completed, the WVC was left with only three teams and folded after the 1968 season. Other schools that had joined the WVC included Fayette Central, Milton, Webster, Williamsburg, Whitewater, Fountain City, Straughn and Lewisville.

The ECC was the next regional “super conference,” covering a larger area than the WVC did. The ECC began with 12 teams in 1947. Early turnover among teams took place when larger schools refused to play in Cambridge City's gym, saying it was too small. The conference disagreed and revoked the larger schools' (Pendleton and Greenfield) memberships. The ECC continued to recruit teams to join the conference and by 1960 it included teams in Wayne, Union, Franklin, Henry, Fayette, Randolph, Shelby and Rush counties. The WVC began splintering in the mid-1950s with several teams leaving to form the Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference (1956) and later the Tri-Eastern Conference (1962). 

  In 1947 the ECC began with 12 area teams who were in “county conferences.” Liberty and Brookville from the WVC were invited to join, both schools accepting. Liberty played in both the ECC and the WVC from 1947-1962. The original teams in the ECC included Brookville, Cambridge City, Centerville, Farmland, Greenfield, Hagerstown, Knightstown, Liberty, Milroy, Morristown, Morton Memorial, Pendleton, Spiceland, Union City and Williamsburg. The formation of the T.E.C. in 1962 nearly caused the conference to fold, so the ECC accepted the membership of eight Hancock County Conference teams and brought the conference back to life. Most of the Hancock County teams didn't last long, as consolidation was still taking place and those schools consolidated into Eastern Hancock, Mount Vernon (Fortville) and Greenfield-Central high schools. The formation of other area conferences and consolidation had left this conference with just three teams for the 1968-69 school year; this was the final season for the ECC. Liberty left the ECC in 1962 and joined the T.E.C. as an original member, along with Union City, Centerville, Knightstown and Cambridge City.

Liberty's conference timeline 
Union County Conference 1922-1940
Whitewater Valley Conference 1940-1962
East Central Conference 1947-1962
Tri-Eastern Conference 1962- Present
In 1965, Liberty became Short High School.
In 1973, Short became Union County.