It was announced today, March 19, by Governor Eric Holcomb schools in Indiana will be mandated closed, statewide, until May 1.

Jennifer McCormick, Indiana superintendent of public instruction, had a message for students, “Be positive, make good choices and stay on the work you have at home.”

Currently, Holcomb approved a 20-day waiver for schools to utilize. McCormick did advise the current 20-day waiver may not adequately address the needs of local districts. Indiana Department of Education will work with individual districts and schools to determine additional waiver days. Schools utilizing eLearning can continue to do so as determined by their local school administrators.

Franklin County Community School Corporation superintendent Dr. Debbie Howell sent out a statement immediately following Holcomb’s announcement informing parents and students that FCCSC is in the process of developing a plan to use intermittent eLearning and waiver days for this time period. More details and a schedule will be released as soon as possible according to Howell.

Schools will not be required to complete normal mandated assessments for the 2019-2020 school year, including IREAD-3, ILEARN, ISTEP+, I AM, WIDA Screener and ISPROUT.

McCormick also stated providing children access to wholesome and nutritional meals is a priority, and an action Indiana schools will continue to take.