Despite shortfalls in testing capacity in the spring, the Indiana State Department of Health ISDH has worked to roll out expanded testing opportunities across the state in recent months.

A map on the ISDH website shows where Hoosiers can go to get tested if they suspect they have an active COVID-19 infection. Franklin is the only area county without a listed testing site. 

An analysis of daily testing data provided by the ISDH shows Franklin lagging behind other counties in the area. As of July 26, approximately five and half percent of FC residents have been tested for COVID, while other counties, and the state as a whole, have tested between nine and 10 percent of residents.

Testing data is taken from the figures released daily by the ISDH which collects the data from individual counties. These numbers reference only the nasal swab tests used to identify active infections, it does not include antibody blood tests.

Population used to calculate the percentage is gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau.