The Franklin County Quilt Show this past Friday and Saturday was another successful event. Thanks to the Extension Homemakers, Quilt Batts, and the vendors who came out to help bring the showcasing of these gorgeous works to life. 

Starting with a few winners selected, we have Kendra Brimhall who earned a Special Recognition for her floral creation titled " One Block Wonder Technique" and gave the viewers a glimpse into how a quilted flower patch would appear.  

Next up is Dottie Roleson, who took second place in this years' Panel Play challenge with her quilt titled "Noel." This piece was lined with bright Christmas colors and a winter theme to spread the joy year-round. 

Lastly, we have Shana Cutter, who took First Place in this years' Panel Play Challenge with her quilt titled "Farmer's Prayer." This piece is stunning with deep hues of green and blue, and showcases various scripts of inspiration, dedication, meaningfulness, deep thought, and love. 

Several vendors lined up along the gym to show their merchandise and provide an enjoyable treat alongside the debut of these quilts.  

Cheri & Robin: Dish towels, rags, aprons, hand-quilted ornaments, etc. 

Serena's Sweets: A lovely young lady selling her delicious homemade buckeyes. 

Kappa Kappa Sigma: Returning with their amazing catering services to provide a delicious meal. 

Sandy's Baskets: Gorgeous homemade baskets with dolls and hand-made pieces to accompany them - a perfect gift for children. 

Beth & Melody: These two ladies had a little bit of everything and anything to sell. 

Beth Caudil: Tea towels, mug rugs, pencil cases, heating pads, scissor holders, etc. 

Kim Carpenter: This was toy central for those who brought their littles along for the show. She also had Curvy Girl clothing, all of which were below $25. 

Thirty-One: Bags, keychains, all with new prints for a vibrant and fun design. 

Donna Benning: A favorite among those at the quilt show, Donna had Tupperware of various sizes, shapes, and colors to brighten up your kitchen. 

Theresa's Tasty Treats: The place to find cupcakes, cookies, whoopie pies, and banana bread! 

Amanda Caudill: Norwex Microfiber products, Foot Detox, and Essential Bodywear. 

Snippy Jim Scissor Sharpener Jsk Designs.

The Quilt Show honored three special ladies this year, who were some of the founding members of the Quilt Guild - Betty Jo Hall, Marie Kerr, and Mary Taylor. These ladies helped get the organization going and gave generously of their time and materials to all charities we give to. 

Following is a list of those who participated in the Quilt Show this year: 
Shana Cutter, Dottie Roleson, Martha Decker, Betty Jo Hall, Kendra Brimhall, Jennifer VanMeter, Peggy Ratz, Pamela Brockfield, Lorry Kirschner, Nancy Bodnar, Brenda Hebel, Roberta Robinson, Beth Caudill, Susan Van Meter, Mary Ann Dorrel, Amelia Crawford, Tonya Paddock, Deborah Coleman, Dinah Thalheimer, Linda Stutzman, Holly Browning, Linda Wesseler, Karen Peters, Judy Carey, Mary Kay Gerst, Diane Nickloy, Dena McCuthen, Ginny McFarland, Marilyn Robinson, Joann Koch, Joann O'Connor, Mary Harsh, Janet Meyer, Angie Schwarb, Kendell Cox, Jeanna Crawford, Karla Klenke, Alice Rudicil, Kaitlyn Weekley, Elizabeth Clark, Lee Lesneski, Amanda Herbert, Deborah Gossett, Martha Decker, Rosemary Beeler, Nancy Cantwell, Paige Persinger, Rose Kipfer, Melody Gault, and John Palmer. 

Prizes were donated by various businesses around town, with special thanks to Cobblestone Inn, Third Place, Whitewater Publications, and Dairy Cottage.  

This year was a blast and the community had a great time coming out to see these beautiful quilts, the hours of work put into them, and show their support.