At the July 13 Brookville Town Council meeting, Brookville Police Department chief Terry Mitchum announced another ordinance enforcement blitz that will take place on July 30-31.

BPD will be looking for all ordinance violations including unkempt lawns, parking issues, abandoned property, trailer/camper storage violations and prohibited nuisances.

This will be the second blitz conducted by BPD. At the meeting, Mitchum did not have the statistics from the first blitz, but said he had a lot of people complying and a lot of people in favor of the blitz.

“It was a good overall experience,” said Mitchum.

Mitchum said the biggest issue was parking in the wrong direction. He added that hopefully after this blitz and one possible one in October, they'll only have to do this maybe twice a year and eventually maybe won't have to do it at all.