The Brookville Redevelopment Commission gave some updates on ongoing projects at its Nov. 15 meeting.

Phase one of the south end storm sewer project has been completed for a while now. Phase two will support development of properties between First Street and U.S. 52. The town had previously submitted a grant for phase two but did not receive it. They are continuing to look for grant opportunities.

The residential tax increment financing project is on hold until January. No progress has been made to identify the TIF areas. A map of the area will be the first thing to pursue when they are ready to move forward.

BRC is still holding off on the comprehensive plan for now. It is recommended this plan is updated every five years. The plan is to apply for a grant to partially fund this when it becomes a higher priority.

The sidewalks to school plan is still ongoing. Construction is planned for 2022. The HWC Construction inspection contract has been approved. The current construction estimate is $415,007 and HWC recommended moving forward with the bidding and then approaching the Indiana Department of Transportation for additional matching funds before approving construction contracts.

The Sixth Street blight elimination lots were still waiting on a second appraisal at the time of the meeting. The board voted to move forward with the project upon receiving the second appraisal.

The next BRC meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 20 at 6 p.m.