Brookville Town Council received an update from the alley task force at its Tuesday, March 23 meeting.

The task force has temporarily placed two removable speed bumps between 5th and 6th on Church Street and between 6th and 7th on Church Street.
These additions came after a concerned citizen reached out about speeding in the alleys. At the time of the meeting, town administrator Tim Ripperger said they had not received any comments on the additions.

Discussion then moved to the new daycare that is going into the old Elsie Dreyer Nursing Home and how traffic and the loading and unloading situation will be handled. The proposal from the task force would turn the alley that runs north and south behind the daycare into a one way. Drivers would enter from the north, unload at the daycare and exit onto St. Michael Boulevard. This would allow for cars to file in the alley and maintain traffic flow.

There was an additional request to have two spots in the front of the building set aside for daycare parking. However, Brookville Police Chief Terry Mitchum was against the option because he does not want to see any traffic stopped on Main Street. Mitchum instead suggested a no-parking curb. Another suggestion was to allow the two spots in the front of the building and make them metered to deter long-term parking.

The board decided to wait and see how parking in the back goes, and if there is an issue, they would revisit the curb option in the future.

The 21 by 21 campaign was another topic of discussion. BTC members were on board with the list of projects and agreed they were exciting and could be accomplished. BTC member Brooke Leffingwell, who also serves on the Brookville Redevelopment Commission, did bring up an issue she encountered when she brought up the projects to BRC. Leffingwell said she received some pushback when bringing up the sidewalk matching fund grant to BRC. The BRC did not feel comfortable committing funds to the project until they were in a place where their current projects were moving along.
Another item on the agenda for the evening was the possible establishment of a parks board. The establishment of a parks board would allow for the town to qualify for grants; however, some of the board members feared giving up the authority of the improvements, maintenance and operation of the park to another board.

Four people would serve on the parks board, no more than two in the same political party and the members would be appointed based on their knowledge of parks and recreation. BTC member Cathy Pelsor said she would really like to keep the park the way it is. The town board would still have say in what park projects they would fund should they move forward with a parks board.

The topic was tabled until the next meeting. Additional agenda items from the BTC meeting will be covered in next week's edition of the Brookville Democrat/American.