Brookville Town Council met on Tuesday, Nov. 10 where council members gave updates on the wastewater line project on Progress Street and the Brookville Town Aquatic Center.

The town has been working for some time now on completing the wastewater line project on Progress Street. The town received a grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs of $6,600 to do so. However, a railroad permit has been holding up the process. Because of the delay, there were concerns of possibly losing the grant. Additionally, as of the night of the meeting, they were two weeks away from losing the original bid on the materials. To progress on the project, BTC voted to pay an annual fee of $800 and move forward.

BTC president Mike Biltz gave an update on the Brookville Town Aquatic Center. In the original plan for the aquatic center, a shelter was to be placed on the south side between the filter house and the bath house; however, at the time the pool committee didn't feel they had the funding. Because the project is progressing quickly, the committee recently met and suggested adding the shelter back in. The project will cost between $14-15,000 and was approved by BTC.

Main Street Brookville Inc. requested internet access at 632 Main Street. A letter submitted to town clerk/treasurer Gina Gillman explained someone would be in the building at least three days a week. The purpose for the internet usage would be for Main Street Brookville Inc. to establish a greater presence on Main Street; it would be used for administration, to complete information of the Main Street business, research, resources for Main Street businesses, conference calls and training.

Main Street Brookville Inc. recently received a $5,000 Taking Care of Main Street grant from OCRA. This will be used to survey Main Street businesses to create a functional database to enable Main Street Brookville to quickly share information to businesses, allowing them to be a resource for town business. The price would depend on speed and contract length.

Biltz clarified a situation in regard to a situation between the Winter Wonderland and the United Methodist Church. According to a statement from Biltz, the church asked, prior to putting up their display, if they would be able to put up a Nativity scene. In response, Winter Wonderland representatives told them they wouldn't encourage it at the town park. There was a meeting between BTC member Cathy Pelsor and some representatives from the church as to what the repercussions for putting up the display would be. It was left up to the church as to whether they left the display up or modified it. Biltz stated they were never forced to take the display down. He went on to explain the committee has worked very hard to make this event possible as an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy the holidays. Town attorney Tammy Davis explained later in the meeting there were concerns of potential future litigation but there were no complaints received.

Gary “Gig” Marmouze expressed interest in the Area Plan Commission appointment position. BTC member Curtis Ward explained in the past they have set up a two-person committee to interview potential candidates. In an effort to maintain that consistency, Biltz and Pelsor volunteered to be on that committee. This discussion continued later in the meeting when Marmouze asked to be interviewed by someone other than Biltz. Marmouze explained Biltz questioned his integrity at a past town board meeting.

After this exchange, Ward volunteered to replace Biltz on the interview committee. BTC has been looking for someone to fill this position for some time now. Biltz stated he would be in favor of Marmouze filling the position and didn't believe the process was being put in place to single him out.

Ward went on to say he had reservations about Marmouze concerning how he conducts himself in a public setting and his position on certain topics without having all the facts, such as annexation. Ward said the person filling the APC position needs to go in with an open mind and not have a prior disposition. Ward concluded the exchange by saying he would be happy to interview Marmouze and maybe he could change his mind.

Other items on the agenda included:

*Approving amendments to the golf cart ordinance to align with those of the recently passed off-road vehicle ordinance. 

*BTC is forming a committee for the IFA Cares grant to decide how they will best distribute the funding. The funds have to be spent by the end of the year. 

*BTC approved IPEP matching grants. They are 80/20 matching grants.

The next BTC meeting will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 7 p.m.