There are multiple higher speed internet projects being installed now and in the next three years in Franklin County. I say higher speed since some of the services being installed are much better than “the old dial-up” (which is now a thing of the past) and DSL that many homes have at present, but not as fast as a full optical fiber connection. Initially, Broadband was defined as 25mps download to your computer and 3mps you could send back. The latest info out of Washington now references 100mps down and up. As technology changes, we will probably see more modifications in that definition, but regardless, all the newer systems being installed in the county offer much faster speeds than DSL.

Heaven Wire (division of MobilComm) out of the Cincinnati area installs devices that feed the signal to your home or business through a radio frequency signal broadcast from a nearby high-mounted transmitter. They have various installs in many different parts of the county. The latest project is in Metamora and Laurel. Heaven Wire was able to lease use of a fiber optic line running from Mt. Carmel to Laurel. They were able to feed signal in at Mt. Carmel and setup connections in Metamora and Laurel. They are currently installing connections to homes and businesses in those two locations.
Great Plains Communications (formerly ETC) has existing Broadband high-speed service in various parts of Franklin County and is currently trying to install more miles of service. People in Brookville and other locations know their service quite well.

Frontier Communications likewise has Broadband high speed internet service in a few places in the county. For instance, some locations around Cedar Grove have existing fast service. Frontier has been installing fiber optic cable in Bath Township. I am not sure if they are running the fiber optic directly to homes and businesses or tapping into the existing copper wire phone lines. A company spokesman stated that Frontier is committed to exclusively using fiber optic line for the future.

Cincinnati Bell is interested in extending service into eastern Franklin County that abuts Harrison/Hamilton County. There is a section of about 190 homes that we are discussing with Cincinnati Bell.

Southeast Indiana REMC (in conjunction with SEI Communications) has begun a project to feed fiber optic directly to their customers in several counties including southern Franklin County. The link below discusses these plans, and the need for customers to contact them now for connections. Their plan is to complete the project within three years.

When will broadband be coming to our neighborhood - Indiana Connection
The federal government instituted a program to encourage broadband connections in rural America called Rural Digital Opportunity Program. Internet providers then bid on certain areas to do installations and were awarded “territories” with federal funds provided to jumpstart the installations. The RDOF map of Franklin County shows multiple vendors with their corresponding “territories.” These “territories” are not necessarily exclusive. Other vendors may already be providing service or can provide service in the future. The goal of the program is to get everyone connected to broadband, no matter where they live.

Charter Communications was awarded most of the area in Franklin County in the RDOF auction. There are others, but we have not been contacted by those entities. The terms of the auction were to allow a three-year window for the work to be started. They are currently looking at routes for installation in the county.

Charter has also applied for funds from the OCRA “Next LevelConnections Broadband Program.” If Charter is successful, they may qualify for up to $5,000,000 to connect the additional areas they have applied for.
The use of satellite connections is also possible in Franklin County if your location has a good view of the satellite in orbit. If someone has an immediate need for higher speed internet and the other providers have no definite installation plan, this might be an option they want to explore. At my location for instance, I only have DSL. I live at the end of a dead-end road with a forest around the property. It is not likely I will see higher speed connections for years, but if it does come to pass, I can always switch to a better service. I plan to install that option in the very near future. Since I do have a “Window” to the southern sky. I have used satellite TV for many years, and I am well aware that heavy cloud cover, heavy rain and heavy snow can cause disruptions. Currently, rain can cause my DSL through my more than 50-year-old copper phone line to go out. This service is offered by multiple vendors such as ViaSat, Hughes, and Heaven Wire.

No installation is without risk. Whether the cables are mounted on poles or buried underground, there can and will be disruptions in service. Recently, the fiber optic line connecting the Laurel school to Brookville and the adjacent fiber optic line used by Heaven Wire for service to Metamora and Laurel suffered damage. The cable covering had been damaged and this caused a “light leak,” which shut down transmission of signals downstream. It was repaired but required time to locate the damage and get it repaired.