The Brookville Town Council met Sept. 6, to discuss any new updates and requests for the town. The meeting was led by Curtis Ward. To start off, there was the mention of last meeting's minutes. There was no discussion needed and the minutes were approved.

Next, any payroll complaints and concerns were discussed. This motion was also approved following no need for further discussion.

Franklin County Commissioner Tom Linkel stood up to explain the letter of interest regarding the administrative building and moving the 911 dispatch center there. It's confidently a long-term plan, though beforehand, there were plans to move to the Zimmer building. Office space in the  government building was offered, as currently, the Schilling Center provides several auditory issues for both the council and viewers. 

The council can also use the meeting room.  It was mentioned that a specialist came to check the building and gave thumbs-up using the building for dispatch. It will take a bit of money, but it works. Ward acknowledges that the Schilling Center has auditory issues for people to hear the meeting. All agreed that the proposal would work. 

 A meeting with the school board for secondary approval was on Monday, Sept. 12. Ward mentioned  the county hoped to purchase the building from the school. However, it is firmly believed that the property on 1020 Franklin Avenue would be the best option for a long-term dispatch center.
Next, the Redevelopment plan in action was discussed briefly. Sixty-seven% of first phase is now complete following the first draw.

Curtis then moved to the updated INDOT street sweeping company contract. An audit of curve miles being swept helped revise the contract based on accurate curve miles. The price is still $360 per mile.

Increases for 2023 fire contract allotted for 2023 are now $2500 from $1000, per estimation and request.