This past weekend, Saturday, Aug. 6, Third Place hosted Brookville on Tap. This event holds a back-alley festival of music, vendors, great food, spirits and brew. A huge shout-out to Mick and Jenny Wilz, owners of Third Place, and Justin Knepp, head rep for Indiana on Tap, for providing a successful event.

Brookville on Tap ran from 1-5pm, with roughly 400 attendees and over 20 vendors! Knepp states this is the 8th year for Indiana on Tap, and the 2nd year hosting in Brookville.

It's easy to see why Brookville on Tap is one of the hottest events in Franklin County.

For those who missed this incredible event, let me give you a breakdown!

Starting off in the entryway, we had Knepp and event staff providing bracelets for attendees. Red bracelets indicated those who were drinking while pink bracelets signified designated drivers. Attendees were also given a free cup for their samples within the event.

Down the alley and to the back street, we were met with vendors lined up left and right, filling in the basement of Third Place, and lining up the open plaza. Visiting vendors included:

•Tarnished Hollow Brewing Company
•Hotel Tango Distillery
•Vodka Squeeze
•Tree City Brew Company
•Creatures of Habit Brewing Company
•Jeptha Creed Distillery
•Boone Co Jail Distillery
•Crazy Horse Hops
•Cardinal Spirits
•Quaff On Brewing Company
•Wabash Brewing
•Hard Truth Distilling Company
•Backroads Vineyard
•MoonTown Brewing Company
•West Fork Whiskey Company
•Creek Bottom Brewing Company
•Saint Benedicts Brew Company
•Thieme & Wagner Beer
•Happy Days Brewery

Those are just several out of the many breweries and distilleries who came out and provided drinks for the guests. Alongside them, food was provided for attendees as well. One booth had baked treats and sweets. One stand sold kettle corn, the most delicious popcorn out there. Third Place was selling pizza for attendees to enjoy without having to continuously trek back up to the main building.

Lastly, one vendor sold attendees pretzel strings. Do you know what those are? No? Pretzel strings are exactly how they sound. Strings with handfuls of pretzels on them that you can wear on your wrist or as a necklace so you can snack and sample.

If that isn't genius, then I don't know what is!

Other vendors came out to support their work. Griffin Freehling and Jacob Good were selling art prints, and mainly operate out of Richmond. Nearby, Ray Patterson and Gage Pace were selling CBD/THC products. For those who are raising their eyebrows, these products are completely safe and come in varieties. Patterson and Pace operate right here in Brookville, just five minutes down the road near the fairgrounds.

Now let's get to the good part.

Brookville on Tap had an enormous selection of beer, bourbon, whiskey, wine, and mixers for attendees to sample. Each was hand-crafted with unique tastes and customer satisfaction in mind. After speaking with several guests, one vendor had the highest popularity!

Owned and operated right here in Brookville, Brookville Brewing Company was a guest favorite. Michael and Valerie Taylor, who have operated out of their own home for the past four years, take homemade to a whole new level. Anybody who enjoys homemade crafts knows that the Taylors brought the winning selections.

Their best seller is a citrus wheat. With its smooth taste and citrus flavoring, this selection depleted quickly. Coming in second place is their mango sourbeer. This craft may be strong, but its fruitful tang is a ride on the wild side. 

One guest spoke about sampling a Maple Bourbon.

Another guest gushed about a vodka club soda mix with cranberry.

Several guests sampled a peanut butter bourbon and claim it was a new favorite.

There was no shortage of satisfaction, good vibes, a great afternoon of craft sampling, delicious food, and entertainment. To keep the event lively, Brookville on Tap hosted three separate acts of musical entertainment and all of them were the cherry on top!

Starting off, we had the Steve Freese Band. Their sets were well-organized and many people who weren't attending Brookville on Tap stopped by to listen to them. 

Next up was Michael T. and Friends, who performed during the event, acting as an opener for Miss Jacque. She's a crowd favorite and didn't hesitate to end the event with another flawless performance.

Brookville on Tap is a party you don't want to miss. A special thanks goes out to everyone involved who made this event spectacular:

• Indiana on Tap (Justin Knepp and Ryan Patterson)
• Third Place (Mick and Jenny Wilz & staff)
• All visiting vendors
• All music entertainment
• All of the guests (Yes that's right! You!)

Brookville on Tap stands to be one of the best parties on Main Street and here is what some guests (who asked to remain anonymous) had to say about it:

"This is incredible. This is how you party."
"A bourbon walk here in Brookville is always a good time."
"I've tried six new crafts and found six new favorite drinks!"
"The drinks, the food, the vendors, it's all so much fun. I can't wait for the next one."
"This is my first year attending. I wasn't expecting it to be this entertaining!"
As I said, there was no shortage of satisfaction so mark your calendars for next year!