This past weekend, Brookville welcomed the grand opening of another store! Introducing Megan's Amazing Deals, located at 6028 Holland Road out by White's Farm. The store opened mid-December of 2022, but held its grand opening this past Saturday.

Megan's Amazing Deals is a retail shop with incredible items and merchandise at a discount. Megan Fitzsimmons states that her stores carry new items from Walmart and Target weekly, and all are sold at a discount between 30-70%. These items are changed every Wednesday, so customers have the delight of potentially shopping for new deals every week!

When asked about her prices, Megan mentioned her clothing and shoes. For those who want to stop in, all clothing is $5 while shoes are priced between $5-$10.

Megan's Amazing Deals now has two locations, Brookville, and Batesville, and is family-owned so the atmosphere will always be welcoming, cozy, and comfortable. Megan said her store occasionally has special events where they try to give back to the community and charities as well. All of which can be found on Megan's business page on Facebook. Prior to any events, Megan will have a preview post uploaded to keep our community in the loop.

Congratulations to Megan and her grand opening here in Brookville. For those who love hitting the sale barn, be sure to stop in while over at White's and check out the amazing deals she has right now!