Franklin County sanitarian David Fehlinger counted 47 trips in all to food-serving establishments in 2022's quarter number two (April-June). These included bed and breakfast businesses. school cafeterias and temporary permits for the summer season.

Two stops in Oldenburg netted no citations, as did a mobile permit in West Harrison and a location in Laurel.

Seven of nine sites visited in Metamora were citation-free. One critical was noted – mold on drop-down shield in ice machine. This needed to be remedied immediately. At another business, a parking lot and surrounding grounds were littered with garbage to produce a non-critical violation (7-day fix). On four of the reports, employees were reminded to clean and sanitize common areas frequently.

In Andersonville, one site was cited for a critical and non-critical. The critical was moldy drop-down shield on ice machine (immediate) while the non-critical was moldy cooler doors/jambs (7 days). The 'clean and sanitize common areas frequently' note was made here as well.

Eleven of 13 establishments inspected in Batesville earned the 'no violations noted' moniker. Citations issued were all non-criticals. These were sticky condiment dispensers on tables (immediate), moldy soda-dispensing wand in bar area (immediate) and dirty air intake tile above food prep area (1-day). Four sites were told to clean and sanitize common areas frequently.

There were 15 of 19 locations in Brookville earning a clean slate. The four other site visits yielded one non-critical apiece and were asked to clean and sanitize common areas frequently. Noted were pork chops thawing at room temperature (immediate), dirty ceiling vents in kitchen (1-day), surrounding grounds around building littered with trash (14 days) and dirty salt/pepper shakers on tables.