There will be a new place popping up in College Corner. I hope you're in the mood for a unique feast. Brynn Ramadanovic will be opening House of Spuds potato bar the first weekend of February. The new takeout style restaurant will be located inside Deputy Donuts at 24 Liberty Ave., West CC. Ramadanovic assured they would most definitely be open for lunch, too! Prices will vary but loaded, oversized potatoes are projected to cost $15. Simpler potatoes will be available at cheaper costs.

Ramadanovic went to culinary school after serving in the military and she admitted, "I love to cook!" The business is in its infancy, but she has high hopes for the new venture, saying, “My ultimate goal will be for customers to walk in like they are going to Chipotle. Where you pick the ingredients as the food is made in front of you, with toppings and meats like we have."

Currently, she and her husband Adrian are preparing the location for its opening next month. At first, she said they will have a potato limit per day. Patrons should check the House of Spuds Facebook page for updates. "I am wanting to keep things smooth and not go too big for the start." She continued, "But we will test out all kinds of different recipes for the potatoes, it will be a lot of fun!"

Brynn held several polls on social media to help pick a logo and a business name. She posted to the Facebook groups, Liberty Indiana Talk and College Corner Talk. As a result, she had hundreds of responses. Brynn added, "I am super happy with what people have picked, thanks to everyone for their feedback!" The online community involvement will proceed as the potato bar matures. As Brynn thinks of new recipes, she'll need your feedback and help with names.

"Anything I can do to help the community grow, I'm willing to do it," Brynn said. She hopes eventually the potato bar could expand to a Liberty location as well. Potentially it could grow into a fun stop for tourists passing through the area. Since we live in a farming community, Ramadanovic pledges to use local ingredients whenever possible.

She also wanted to let residents know that her massage business will proceed as normal. Brynn does not anticipate any trouble running the two shops simultaneously.

Ramadanovic gave the biggest praise to Deputy Donuts, "Jess and Ryan do amazing things for College Corner, they are just great people. I want to say thanks to them for having us."

What can you expect from House of Spuds? Nothing is in stone...
The John Wayne aka The Duke:
Ingredients are butter, salt and pepper, sour cream, T-bone steak, shredded cheddar, bacon.

Country Fried Steak Potato:
Ingredients are butter, salt and pepper, chopped country fried steak, topped with cheese and white gravy; a biscuit on top. Optional egg on top.

Mexican-style Potato:
Ingredients are butter, salt and pepper, barbacoa beef, pinto beans, sour cream, shredded pepper-jack cheese, salsa or red sauce. Optional jalapeno cheddar biscuit on top.

Untitled Potato (Maybe you can think of a name):
Ingredients are butter, salt and pepper, mac and cheese, pulled pork, jalapeno cheddar sausage, extra cheese, drizzled with barbecue sauce.

Brynn also mentioned they were considering breakfast items, especially since Deputy Donuts is open early. "For breakfast, I would probably do a biscuits and gravy potato. I will chop up sausage patties and put them on top and pour the gravy on top of that. Then you will have cheese and a biscuit overtop of the gravy... I'm not sure exactly, I'm still working on that one."