We have faced a giant that we could never have imagined. We have met with staggering statistics, fear, and uncertainty. America's small business owners and their employees have faced this and so much more.

We are painfully aware of the losses left behind on all fronts, but we are slowly moving towards a new normal. Each new or recovering business gets us one step closer to business as usual and a brighter tomorrow.

Blue Umbrella Bistro and Bakery is a family-owned and operated business taking that first step for a brighter tomorrow for us all. They will be making their debut in Metamora on April 9, 2021.

“My husband, Michael Durham, will be helping with day-to-day activities. He is also planning on doing some woodcrafts. Our kids, Katie and Christian Durham, will be helping with everything from baking to bussing tables,” said owner, Trisha Boggs.

When asked what prompted them to start a new restaurant and its subsequent location, Boggs stated, “I have always loved the food service industry. My first job was at Hertel's Restaurant, currently the China House. I learned a lot more at that job than I ever realized; from there my favorite jobs always involved food service. A friend asked me one night, why I didn't have my own place; that kind of put a spark in my heart to really do it. Then the opportunity arose. We had an alternate building, but another opportunity opened up for us. The delay on that building was a true blessing as our current location provides much more indoor space and two large covered porches for outdoor dining. We will also have an Air-bnb called The Rain Drop Inn on the second floor. We hope to be a year-round business. We're chomping at the bit.”

During their planning and preparations for their upstart, Boggs imparts their greatest moments. “There have been so many. I guess the day I walked in to see the contractors working on my kitchen. It really hit me that this is finally happening.” As those who have ever started a business can relate when asked about the challenges, Boggs declares: “Ha! This is easy, so easy. Being patient when things don't go as planned.”

The bistro will also offer gifts, home décor and more.

“I have been very busy reaching out to local artisans to provide unique handmade items ranging from macramé to portraits to handmade bowls from Kentucky. We'll also have a decent little section of toys for kids, puzzles, and art supplies,” said Boggs.

Boggs shares the foods you can expect to choose from on their menu. “My cobblers are pretty popular with the Metamora crowd. There are never leftovers! I guess peach blueberry or peach blackberry is most popular. I will also feature breakfast all day with homemade biscuits and gravy. Lunch will have homemade cold salads like potato salad, coleslaw, and macaroni salad.”

Make sure to stop in on their grand opening April 9, 2021 and show them your support. Hours will be 10-5 Friday-Sunday but check their Facebook page as hours may change as business picks up. Located at 19068 South Main St, Metamora, also known as Duck Creek Crossing #35.

COVID-19 thwarted plans to open in 2020. “It just didn't seem like proceeding was the right choice for our family,” said Boggs. Despite the early setback, the name for the Bistro was inspired; “…it came from mine and my husband's love of John Prine, a singer/songwriter. John passed away last year from complications with COVID-19. We chose this name because it is a song about hopefulness,” explains Boggs.

In closing, Boggs gives accolades: “…our dream wouldn't be possible without the support of our parents and our community of friends.”

In memory of John Prine:

Blue umbrella rest upon my shoulder
Hide the pain while the rain Makes up my mind
Well, my feet are wet from thinking this thing over
And it's been so long since I felt the warm sunshine.
Just give me one extra season
So I can figure out the other four.
To Hope and New Beginnings!