It was a nice day to launch rubber ducks into Whitewater Lake from the spillway at Whitewater Memorial State Park. The sun was shining, the water flowed without hesitation down the flowing water filled spillway and people filled all available spaces to watch the 7th annual Duck Regatta.

This year, 991 ducks were sold by the Union County Development Corporation (UCDC) in cooperation with Whitewater Memorial State Park.
Nearing the edge of the spillway, were two large trash bags filled with rubber ducks in a boat manned by Indiana Department of Natural Resources personnel.

Then, on the signal from UCDC executive director Melissa Browning, the bags opened and the ducks tumbled into the water. Well, one bag opened and one entire bag plunged into the water and refused to allow a single duck to get wet.

“That was not supposed to happen,” Browning said.

With that said, workers at the finish line quickly retrieved the bag of ducks and brought them back to the start area. The swimming ducks were gathered one-by-one and placed in large tubs and returned to the start area for a re-start.
The re-start went off without a hitch. The owners of the first five ducks received monetary prizes. The final five ducks retrieved from the water earned camping certificates.

2021 Duck Regatta placings include...
•$599 First place - Bo Dean
•$300 2nd - Allison Collins
•$150 3rd - Janet Sparks
•$100 4th - Sharon Arn
•$50 5th - William Bowers
Last 5 ducks are...
•5th to last - Gay Stevens
•4th to last - Richard Clouse
•3rd to last - Jill Holbrook
•2nd to last - Gene Byrd
•Last Place - Mike Workman.

The UCDC established the Duck Regatta seven years ago to fund beautification projects, which include placing flowers in the large flower pots at the courthouse and surrounding streets.