This past week, the elections have ended and the results for the primary election are in. All those representing have put their best foot forward and debuted their reasonings for their votes. The county clerk's office ran the elections with swiftness and professionalism, adhering to the publishing of the candidate list, the availability, and term. Social media played a large role in the election. More information, updates, and posts can be found on the Franklin County Elections Facebook page.

All photos posted are courtesy of Ruth Rowlett. 
The election consisted of various candidates within each category. Polls were opened in thirteen locations from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. From there, all polls closed, and votes were taken to the courthouse to be tallied. All results were uploaded into the Statewide system and, according to Neysa Raible, there were zero Provisionals.

The elections were not only handled by the Clerk's office but integrated high school students into a working opportunity for a political event. Overall, 25 students were selected to work alongside the election in various positions for an up-close and personal experience. These students didn't just pass out flyers or speak with people on behalf of the election. No, they had the chance to fill in important roles to gain a deeper insight to how elections and certain political events are carried out.

Lauren Seibert, grade 11, states, "I chose to work for the election because it was amazing to see so many people in the community coming together to vote, and take part in making changes for the better."

Lauren's poll location was in Laurel at the Community Center, where she worked with Linda Adams and Beth Caudill. When asked about her role in the election itself, Lauren had this to say. "I was the Democratic Judge, so I also had the opportunity to go back to the courthouse with Beth to finish up election day."