Brookville resident Trevin Thalheimer has filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S.District Court in Indianapolis against the town of Brookville, the Brookville Town Council and two Brookville Police Department officers ,Chief Terry Mitchum and Lt. Ryan Geiser. The lawsuit stems from the controversial arrest of Thalheimer in January 2022, who at the time of the arrest had voiced his intent of candidacy for BTC.

All charges against Thalheimer were dismissed but he ultimately withdrew his candidacy.

Thalheimer's attorney Matt Bigler  shared, “Sworn testimony about how the Brookville Police Department operates has been shocking to many in the community, state, and country.  Additionally, rumors and gossip have been even more troubling.  We look forward to this litigation to determine the full depth of the facts, achieve justice for Trevin, and encourage the kind of change necessary to restore faith in local law enforcement.”

Thalheimer is seeking monetary damages for the following claims:

The actions of Defendants Mitchum and Geiser constituted an unlawful seizure, arrest, and imprisonment of Trevin Thalheimer for exercising his right to engage in the political process, in violation of the first, fourth, and fourteenth amendments to the United States Constitution.

The actions of Defendants Mitchum and Geiser constituted a conspiracy to interfere with Trevin Thalheimer's civil rights.

The actions of Defendants Mitchum and Geiser constituted false arrest, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, defamation, civil perjury, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy in contravention of Indiana common law to which the Town of Brookville is answerable under the Indiana Tort Claims Act.

The actions and/or inactions of Defendants Ward, Pelsor, Campbell, and Leffingwell constitute neglect to prevent interference with Civil Rights.

Defendant Town of Brookville is legally responsible under Indiana state law for its own actions, and, under the doctrine of respondeat superior, for the actions of its employees, including the actions of Defendants Mitchum and Geiser.

Plaintiff reserves the right to proceed with any and all claims, which the facts averred in this Complaint support, pursuant to the notice pleading requirement of Federal Rule of Civil Procedures.

“From our investigation so far, the evidence suggests that Terry Mitchum and Ryan Geiser abused their authority as sworn police officers for what they perceived to be personal political advantage,” Bigler continued. “Furthermore, it also appears that the people who were supposed to be a check on the power of Chief Mitchum, the Town Board, failed to do so.  It's extremely unfortunate that Trevin had to bear the brunt of this for it to be brought to light.”

A jury trial has been requested by Thalheimer.