Much was covered at the previous Franklin County commissioners’ meeting. Tom Wilson was absent, but all other board members were in attendance. This meeting brought several updates and concerns that needed addressed, as well as projects moving forward and those that need attention for progress.

Starting off, John Palmer spoke about the H.E.L.P. (Hoosier Enduring Legacy Program) program. He has held several meetings around the counties to help inform the public of what this project is and how it benefits us as a community. He did speak about plans moving forward including appointing pathway team members and how meeting results will be further assessed by four universities. Everything is on track and on time, though John did clarify that as far as the grant itself goes, OCRA (Office of Community & Rural Affiars) requires the user have a minimum of 7 years' experience to avoid misuse and have a greater understanding for the overall benefit of the community. 

Brookville Town Council President, Bridget Hayes, requested that the commissioners delay signing a contract as she is waiting for a copy of the contract from her attorney for review. Her concern lies with Brookville paying $10K towards Palmer's salary as they are a joint partnership with Franklin County, yet Brookville isn't mentioned in the contract.

It's stated that Palmer has a deadline to meet and the council's attorney did receive a copy two weeks ago. Therefore, the $40K contract was approved by the board.

Nancy Main stood to speak about the current draft of the 2023 calendar of events lined up for Main Street Brookville. She requested permission to use the courthouse lawn for three events so far:

·Pet Parade - evening.
·Chicken Fest - all day
·November Noel - afternoon

The board approved her requests for the use of the courthouse lawn. Nancy next gave an overall review of 2022 Main Street Brookville, the annual report, and explained the map provided for area use, not service. Brookville is the largest municipality; however, the organization works with other businesses (and more) outside of downtown Brookville.

A new APC (Area Planning Commission) director has been hired. Three candidates were interviewed, and the result is Kaitlin Sterwerf. She is in the hiring process now and will start her role soon.

County engineer Larry Smith spoke up about the funds for the Buena Road bridge. There isn't enough money right now and the county's share is already sitting at $440K. Since the county is responsible for the full cost, they would need to pay all and wait for reimbursement through the federal government. Therefore, the county would need to ask the council for additional funds of $250K that had been previously set aside for State Road 1 repairs.

The commissioners have gone out and viewed the bridge since and agree that it's in dire need of repair/replacing. An agreement was signed with INDOT, but construction will be pushed back until 2024 due to delays.

Gary Marmouze was re-hired as a part-time employee. He is asked to handle backlogs of 15 inspections and train the new people. The board approved Marmouze working up to 28 hours per week, but he is not to pass two months at the pay rate of $25/per hour. Brian Ariens and Sherry Smith declined the offers for building inspectors, so John Rudisell has been hired as a full-time building inspector, while Ailur Blair sits at part-time and as an admin assistant.

Two ordinances for amendment were passed for the county's zoning code. 

Farm exemptions were briefly explained. The fee for a permit has been waived, though there is a $30 location fee for the permit. The permit is meant to help identify buildings for tax. Those exempt from paying the standard fee ($75) are farm buildings. The reason for the change is due to previous inspections done without a permit and therefore residents were given the wrong information. 

Following this were the consolidation of subdivision lots that don't require a public hearing or board approval.

To end these, the commissioners last mentioned a new nuisance ordinance. This was initially tabled for further review.

Also discussed include the following:

•Paving: The commissioners approved advertising bids after the county received a $355K grant (two miles of Sunman Road getting paved), and that the highway department has the $118K in matching funds. These are required to have so approvals were made.
· County attorney Grant Reeves stressed the need for a surety bond after Bian Metz states he wants to submit a letter of credit. This was to insure the work and road was completed (located out on Drewersburg Road). Larry Smith said he will verify the amount.
· The annual agreement with Malinowski Consulting was renewed.
· Public Comments: Hayes stepped up to ask about the publishing of new ordinances, mainly if fees are involved. The commissioners stated they will check with their attorney and no more comments followed afterwards.

Lastly, the commissioners held a discussion over a new animal shelter. $350K had already been set aside from the American Rescue Plan Act. Once there is a design, the commissioners will advertise for bids. To help get an idea on size, the commissioners visited the Rushville animal shelter. This gave them a better sizing variety.