Thursday, Nov. 17, the Franklin County Health Board met for a meeting to cover updates and concerns. Following the pledge, inquiries about the previous meetings' minutes were addressed. There were no issues or questions and the motion to approve the minutes were carried.

Next up, there were no questions for supervising nurse Nanette Beres. She followed up with her updates, including the efforts put in this past year to get the health board up to par, as well as designing a new insignia and organizational chart. This insignia would be put on vehicles and provide a more professional appeal. As for the organizational chart, this was designed to better promote scheduling, needs, recommendations, and potential marketing factors to aid the health board with further work.

Next, the health board has been working closely with the state of Indiana to improve healthcare and vaccinations for children. They are making use of a charting system, VAX care, text reminders to parents, and an increase of hours. A new card was debuted to the board meant to help parents keep track of immunizations for their kids. The motion to accept this report was carried.

Following was an update on two reported issues. The first involved customer complaints involving the findings of aluminum flakes near 6th and Main streets, Brookville. This was caused by a roof restoration and the health board discussed at length on how to resolve the issue.

The second issue involved a large canine rescue over in Peppertown. In total, there were 92 dogs found on or in a single residence. The house was destroyed, and the dogs were suffering and needed medical help. Multiple agencies came in to help clear out the dogs and get them sent out, including the health board who did a few walk-ins with the house itself. All dogs have been rescued, cared for, and with new homes. The motion to approve this report was met with an emotional, unanimous yes.

A report was discussed that allows the board to stay up to speed with all new updates, equipment, and services. Due to its length, the board has suggested a bullet-point list of core services. These tackle the main needs of Franklin County. 

There is also a system in place to keep the board up to date with viruses in the area. When asked about cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus, it was stated that while it can't be pinpointed, there is a data acquisition/analysis that states how many cases have been in one area. 
Lastly, the board concluded their meeting with the introduction of two new members.

Paxtyn  Drew is the new RN for the Health Board.

Bethany Luers now works with Public Health Emergency.

During their introductions, the board were satisfied to learn there was a high number of applicants, all highly qualified for these positions. This made a bold statement about the growing rise of interest for employment in this industry.

The health board concluded their meeting following the welcoming of Paxtyn and Bethany.