Hometown Video is one-stop-shop for all entertainment needs from movies and video games to even snacks.
Hometown Video is one-stop-shop for all entertainment needs from movies and video games to even snacks.

With the digital world towering over almost every aspect of our lives, one by one, video stores nationwide have fallen by the wayside. There was a child like enjoyment for all ages, going down each aisle and discovering a new movie, or a good classic to spark that nostalgic crave.

These exciting discoveries are still alive and well at Hometown Video, 656 Main Street in Brookville.

This location has been a video store since the mid 1980's with the stores first name: B&C Video. A manager who worked for this chain, bought it and changed its name to A/C Video. In 1995, the owners hired a young man, who had the same passion for movie collection that they too possessed.

Roughly a decade passed, and a plan had originally been set in place to sell the store and its contents to the young man they employed, the now current owner, Alan Colwell. However, plans did change, and they decided instead to close up shop, and take their collection up to Conners-ville to start a video store there. Colwell then took over ownership of the store, and went to work building up his collection from scratch. He changed the name one last time to what we know it to be today. And is proud to still have his Hometown Video place here on Main in Brookville for the past fifteen years.
Due to this pandemic, as is the case for many, this business has been greatly affected. June gave them a decent month, but since then, profits have been on a downward spiral. With an almost 80% decrease from what it used to be, his livelihood is hanging in the balance. Christmas did provide some needed business, but all in all, COVID has been highly detrimental for Colwell.

When the pandemic forced movie theaters to close, Hollywood still continued making movies. Many thought that because theaters weren't showing the movies, that there would be nothing new to discover in video stores themselves. That was simply never the case. Every week, Colwell receives shipments of new movies, some of which he himself hadn't even heard of.

So come on in and discover every week what your local Brookville video store has to offer. While you browse movie titles, you can uncover what else Hometown Video offers. Not only do they rent out movies, but video games too, which are sold there as well.

He has controllers, battery packs, charge cords, special TV hookups and just about any kind of accessory you might be needing. If you don't find something you're seeking, just ask, and they are more than willing to find and order it for you.

Do you have a disc that's been scratched and won't play? Bring it on in! Colwell has been able to fix just about anything (within reason) that has been brought to him.

A movie or video game night without snacks will simply not do. Have no fear! Colwell has you covered with your one stop movie night shop.

They've always carried some snacks in store, yet because of this pandemic, things ended up turning into a little grocery store of sorts. The more people continued wanting, the more items were added. Not only can you satisfy your sweet tooth, but go ahead and grab yourself some ravioli, chili, CBD products, drinks, and more, for almost anything you'll need to sit back and enjoy an entertaining night.

Times are tough for all, and that's why as a community we need to step up, now more than ever to show support for these hard-working, small businesses. Combat your pandemic blues with a trip to your Hometown Video store.