Brendon Durham, Laurel town resident and parent, was tired of visiting the community park and seeing an unclean environment for not only his children, but the other children in the community as well.

“It's sad to watch these kids play in such a dirty and unsafe environment,” Durham said. “With the 'things' and 'writings' that are left behind, assuming it's teenagers leaving them, no child should ever have to see them.”

Durham, who has lived in Laurel his entire life, says what he loves about his small town is “that we are all like one big family. We are a family of love and pride and unity.”

Durham had help, courtesy of the Laurel Fire Dept. who provided cleaning equipment to aid in the process. Durham is researching how to clean the Sharpie off of the equipment and will return once he has a solution. Durham had a message for those vandalizing the park:

“To the teenagers or even adults that can read this, whatever you bring to the park with you, take it home with you,” Durham said. “If you are done with any trash, please throw it away as there is a trash can there, and available. If you have something to write, write it on paper.

“It is not fair that these kids can't have anything nice to have or play with because you have to be immature and treat it poorly. To anyone that witnesses the destruction and misuse of the property, please report it.”

Ultimately for Durham, he is just happy to contribute to the community he loves, and is proud to call home.