The Franklin County Public Library District board met on Tuesday, May 25 where discussion was had on the book sale as well as the employee handbook.

The Friends of the Library committee handles the book sale. The sale is currently scheduled for June 28-July 3.

The board members in conjunction with their attorney have been working on an employee handbook. Board member Beth Foster suggested setting a date to have the handbook finished. Foster said it was important they have something resolute the employees can follow and additions can be made in the future. The board moved to have the handbook reviewed by the July board meeting.

The board received a letter from the redevelopment commission stating they did not have excess assessed valuation to pass through to the library.

Director Susan Knight gave an update on the no smoking signage. Knight said the signage for the door was easy to find, but she was still looking for property signage.

The work from home policy was a continued topic of discussion. This is new territory as it was something that came to light during the pandemic. The library currently has an employee who occasionally works from home. It is something that will be assessed and possibly added to the employee handbook.