Hundreds of vintage automobiles were rolling through the area last week as part of the 65th annual Model T Tour Ford Club International Tour.

Model T cars were built between 1909 and 1927 and participants on the tour came from all over the country. 

We spoke with one driver who traveled from South Dakota and said, "We typically  go to a place and spend a week traveling 70 to 100 miles visiting the different towns, museums, and various attractions."

There were close to 300 cars involved in the week-long tour and they could be seen traveling the backroads of Oldenburg, Brookville and Metamora. The tour was based out of Hamilton, Ohio. 

"We're meeting new friends and connecting with old friends from the tour, we come from various walks of life and we all enjoy the history of the Model T Fords and the friendship that comes with this unique event," said one driver in Oldenburg. 

The tour will not be back in the area next year as they travel to various parts of the country each year.