Anticipation is building as the final week of rehearsals takes place ahead of the drama club performance of “Little Women” that will be held this weekend at the Franklin County High School Auditorium.

There will be three opportunities to view the performance, Friday April 9, Saturday April 10, and Sunday April 11.

This will be the first live theater performance since the onset of COVID-19 last March.

“The kids are both excited and nervous to perform the show,” Adam Hofer said. “I think they are thrilled to be able to get back on stage and perform. I can tell that many of them have missed just being a part of something creative like live theater.”

The musical adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic story “Little Women” will bring the beloved characters alive on stage. As the cast continues to prepare, pre-show jitters are high, but Hofer says that is a part of every show and get worked out in the days before the show.

“Live theater is so different from other activities or sports,” Hofer explained. “These kids prepare so hard to perform for only three shows and then it is all over. They feel that pressure that all three shows need to be great, but they also feed off that pressure and channel it into energy for the audience--it is what makes live theater unlike other creative outlets.”

As the students practiced the musical, it was easy to identify even in practice how passionate the entire cast is to perform.

“I am so thankful I get to work with such a wonderful group of students,” Hofer said. “This group is passionate, hardworking, and they are just genuinely great to spend time with. I love hearing them laugh backstage or crack jokes with each other on stage. I hate to use the word normal after a year of dealing with the pandemic because nothing truly feels 100% normal yet, but this group has brought some normalcy to all of our lives. It feels good to interact with one another and engage in a creative outlet that these students thrive on.”

Hofer also pointed out how perfect it was to tell the story of the March sisters and Marmee saying:
“It feels like ‘Little Women’ is the perfect story to tell right now with its focus on the importance of family. Not only the importance of family but the importance of having passion and determination to build your own success. This story of ‘Little Women’ highlights the best of people as they navigate how to find a place in the world. I think the community will see Louisa May Alcott's familiar story told in a way that gives each member of the March family room to be themselves, while always coming back to the comfort of home. Ultimately, the story feels like it could be set in Brookville as the characters and their stories still seem fresh and relevant to our community today.”

The cast includes Laura Edwards, Jacoba Hensley, Lily Buerkle, Kalene Dean, Olivia McIntosh, Bethany Noah, Gwen Maddock, Kaylee Vestal and Alexa Gray, Joe Riffle, Avery Burns, Lauren Seibert, Jake Bulmer, Derek Brimhall, Allan Burns, Felicity Bohman, Brianna Bentley and Karly Bergin. The crew is Chloe Hoffman, Olivia Monroe, Rebecca Johnson, Madison Roberts, Kiya Rains, Faith Marshall, McKenzie Bradley, Ryan Johnson, Nick Harpring, Luke Rosemeyer, Paityn Freese, Dani Bulach, Dominique Adams and Kierstynn Boyer.

Hofer ensured they are continuing to take the necessary COVID precautions to ensure the safety of all those in attendance.

“I am so thankful for the support of our small community,” Hofer continued. “The drama program at FCHS has continued to grow and flourish over the last few years because of the support of many local businesses and organizations as well as the patrons who continue to come to our shows.”