Recently, Nancy Main presented a financial report for 2022. This was also covered at the last meeting for PreservINg Main Street.

The population now sits at 2,625 residents. The median household income averages at $49,427. Lastly, the median age sits at 45.9.

This report also included the State of Downtown Main Street District. In this category, we have: 
•13 Public improvement projects completed.
•568 jobs.
•51 Full-time/part-time jobs created.
•79 businesses.
•8 restaurants.
•12 retail stores.
•10 vacant storefronts.
•2 rehab/renovation projects.

2022 also held several events that were memorable and enjoyable! All of them had amazing turnouts and outcomes. Those events to remember were the Pet Parade, Girls Weekend Out, Bourbon and Pie Auction, Blazin' Inferno Challenge, Cruising Main Street, Chicken Festival and Fry Off, and 3 Historic Preservation Events: Vanoven Premiere on Magnolia Network, November Noel, and the Cookie Crumb Trail. 

All 12 of these events made 2022 a fantastic and fun year for Brookville and hopefully 2023 brings more to our residents.

Social connections have risen as well. There are 4,371 Facebook followers and.84,172 page reaches! 

The Reinvestment Stats, YEAR, are 2 Facade improvements and 3 new businesses.

Lastly, this annual report is celebrating the volunteers who made all events possible. These volunteers worked tirelessly to guide the downtown efforts. All events held were coordinated by the volunteers, and it is they who galvanize our revitalization efforts.

2022 had 244 volunteers and 4,375 volunteer hours!