At the July 12 Franklin County Community School Corporation Board of Trustees meeting, the board unanimously approved a final bond resolution as well as an additional appropriation resolution for a $5 million property tax bond.

At a previous board meeting, it was explained the $5 million bond would be used to pay for existing capital improvement projects and nothing new. The bond would then be repaid through the debt service fund.
There was no public comment.

FCCSC superintendent Tammy Chavis gave an update on online registration. As of the night of the meeting, about 35 percent of students had enrolled through online registration, which is 643 students. Chavis is encouraging everyone to get that taken care of as soon as possible.

Director of food services Courtney Halloran was present to discuss an opportunity for FCCSC to prepare vended lunches for St. Michael School. Halloran explained there was some staffing changes in St. Michael food services. FCCSC will prepare the food daily and St. Michael will pick up and distribute. In addition to providing lunches, they will also be taking care of menus and some other behind the scenes operations. The board approved this for a year and then will reevaluate.

The board addressed one public comment from Larry Wiwi, who inquired about FCCSC's stance in regard to Critical Race Theory. Chavis said it was not part of their current curriculum as far as stating the corporation is going to teach critical race theory. However, when they come back, she does believe they will have a larger emphasis on diversity and inclusion and will also be doing some training with Community Mental Health.

Director of operations Keith Isaacs gave a construction update. The music suite is moving along nicely and equipment and furniture is beginning to be moved into the addition. In the weight room, some walls were taken down, flooring has been poured and plumbing has been installed. In the gym, an AC unit was placed on the roof by crane. The painting for the library has been completed and carpet removed.

The board approved two grants from Stayin' Alive, one for $2,650 and the other for $2,000.

The next meeting is Monday, Aug. 9 at 7 p.m.