On Saturday, May 20, Brookville Lake announced that a section of the Adena Trace Trail at the Mounds State Recreation Area is now open to mountain bikers.

The Adena Trace is a 25-mile trail following along the banks of the Brookville reservoir, forming a complete circle around the southern half of Brookville Lake. Now on the Bonwell, Eagle, Garl Hill and Woodland trails, mountain bikers can join hikers and backpackers on the newly purposed 12.4-mile section. This portion of the Adena Trace trail has undergone extensive maintenance in preparation for its new use.

Trail Descriptions
•Trial 5: Garr Hill  
The trail goes through crop fields and woods to the Garr Hill Boat Ramp. It is 2.7 miles and considered moderate.
•Trail 7: Woodland
This trail is a wooded alternative and parallels the paved Scenic Trail. The trail is 4.4 miles and is considered moderate.
•Trail 8: Eagle
The trail travels through beautiful mature woods to Bonwell Ramp. It is 1.61 miles and is considered moderate.
•Trail 9: Bonwell
The trail connects Bonwell to top of dam. It is 3.7 miles and is considered moderate. To continue Adena Loop, across the dam to Wolf Creek Trail.
The remainder of the Adena Trace Trail, including Fairfield, Glidewell, Templeton Creek, Wildlife Wander, and Wolf Creek trails, will remain single-use trails, open to only hikers and backpackers.

The project could not have been completed without the efforts of Brookville Lake volunteers, Mountain Bike Indiana and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Recommendations to bike users:
Trail etiquette includes the following :

•Helmets and eye protection are highly recommended.
•Stay on official trails.
•If you stop, move off the trail to avoid collisions.
•Yield to hikers and riders who are riding uphill.
•Stay off trail sections that are closed for re-routing or habitat restoration.
•Watch for roots, rocks, logs, ruts, cliffs, and  hazards.
•INspect trails before using them and assess them against your skill level.
•Do not build or modify trails without permission.
•Leave no trace. Carry out trash.
•Never damage plants or disturb wildlife.
•Be prepared for emergencies.