For almost a year now, the sleek, modern cosmetic studio in College Corner owned and operated by Kara Hornung has been growing. Sitting on the state line between Indiana and Ohio, Microblading+ offers just what its title says:  Microblading and more.  Microblading is a permanent makeup technique used to restore or enhance eyebrows, preferred by many women (and men!) because it mimics individual hairs and offers a natural, low maintenance look lasting between 1.5-3 years. Kara herself had an experience with microblading that she loved so much, she knew she had to pursue this passion. “I’ll never forget the feeling I had leaving my appointment, and how awesome it has been every day since then. I only wish I had done it sooner,” she says.  “I just wanted to give that feeling to others.  I often say ‘this is my why’ when I get tears of joy and messages following appointments saying how much clients love their results. Some may not understand why this is a thing, and that’s completely ok — the ones who do, get it.. and there’s a lot of us!”

In addition to this career in permanent cosmetics, Kara is a practicing Registered Nurse with many years experience in critical care. While it’s not required to be a medical professional to provide these cosmetic services, Kara says it has proven to be very beneficial and reassuring, both for her and her clients. She has also put hundreds of hours into training and education, with certifications in fundamental microblading, advanced microblading, powder brows (shading technique), combo brows (combination of microblading & shading), saline tattoo removal and most recently, several modern eyeliner techniques. Initially, Kara began with thoughts of opening a salon in a larger city.  However, those who know her know that she is devoted to her community.  And she is no stranger to the beautification process in College Corner.  During summer months, Kara could be seen two stories up in a cherry-picker painting building facade and trim in town, and she has been part of several such projects that helped give the town a bit of a facelift.  Her commitment to her hometown was on her heart as she debated where to open her salon, when a mentor told her, “If you are good at what you do, it doesn’t matter where you are. People will come to you.”  Kara heeded that advice, and went to work building the studio she believed in.  “I take it very seriously, and anyone interested in getting permanent makeup should, too. I have dedicated hours and reinvested much of what I’ve made back into my own education, to grow my permanent cosmetics studio in a way that stands out against the rest.” In less than a year, Microblading+ has built nearly 200 clients– many locals, and many that visit from surrounding counties. And the future looks bright, she says.  “Appointments for eyeliner will be announced soon via Facebook, Instagram and my website Before the year ends, I also plan to add lip blush to my arsenal!” Stop by and see for yourselves at 24 Liberty Avenue, Suite C in West College Corner, IN (located directly behind the post office) or call 765-580-1372