Secretary of State Holli Sullivan visited the Union County clerk's office on Wednesday, Nov. 10 as she continues her 92 County Listening Tour.

In March, Sullivan replaced former Secretary of State Connie Lawson. Lawson was the longest serving Secretary of State in Indiana, which inspired Sullivan to embark on the 92 county tour.

"The listening tour truly was to personally get to know each county; really do a deep dive and listen to clerks after 2020's election," Sullivan explained.

"We had a historic election in Indiana with the highest voter turnout since 1992, during a pandemic with a primary date change and an increase in write in ballots and absentee ballots. All of that managed by some new clerks and experienced clerks across the state. It's a good time to touch base in person."

Immediately following Sullivan's appointment, a research project was conducted across the state to learn what the Hoosier experience was like at the polls, and with half of the listening tour completed, Sullivan feels she has a grasp on feedback from not only constituents but local officials as well.

"Hoosiers are very proud of the election process we have in Indiana,” Sullivan said.

"They are concerned nationally about things they are hearing on the news from other states. Meeting with clerks, we heard what constituents are saying in each county so we can better prepare for 2022.”

“Increase our communication with local elected officials. I think that increased collaboration makes all the difference in the world in educating Hoosiers on the election process so we can increase voter confidence.”

Sullivan also collected feedback from clerks on what did and did not work for them during the 2020 Election.

"Maybe some things worked that we would have never tried in a regular election year, and do we need to implement them permanently or never do them again. These are questions better answered in person."

"That's the first question I get if i am in a group of Hoosiers, there is always one that always says 'I don't understand the entire role of secretary of state,'" Sullivan said. "You will hear most in the media Chief of Election officer is the Secretary of State's role."

Sullivan's responsibilities expand beyond Chief Election Officer and include leadership over the business service division, which is where every business in the state of Indiana starts. Also, the Auto Dealer Division, and the Security Division which is responsible for investigating and prosecuting all white collar crime.

"My passion for serving this amazing state truly comes from my engineering background in manufacturing and now I get to use it to serve Hoosiers,”

Sullivan said. “But what really propelled me into this arena, after you become a mother to three and you see your community grow and flourish and you love raising your family in Indiana you want to leave Indiana, better than you found it but you also want the next generation to be able to make an impact.”