Eastern Indiana Academic competition has adapted to the pandemic and is competing virtually this season.

Last week Union County Science and All Around Academic teams earned first place honors in a 5-way meet with Cowan, Lincoln, New Castle and Wapahani.

Other UC team placings included Social Studies second-place and the Math team third-place.

Academic meets are commonly held in auditoriums or gymnasiums depending on the number of competing teams. At Union County, this year’s virtual meetings are held in the library.

Each year the state selects a "theme" or time period from which all questions in each category originate. This year's theme is "One hundred years of Women.”

UCHS 2021 Academic teams:
•English: Jack Dodd, Layla Hannon, Braydon Stewart, Rachel Ingram.
•Fine Arts: Layla Hannon, Braydon Stewart.
•Math: Layla Hannon, Braydon Reiboldt, Braydon Stewart, Mahlon Page, Ethan Louden.
•Science: Lilly Fields, Tessa Fields, Aaron Herring, Rachel Ingram, Alex Logue, Ethan Louden, Michael O’Sullivan, Sean O’Sullivan, Libby Page, Mahlon Page, Peyton Torres.
•Social Studies: Tessa Fields, Jack Dodd, Aaron Herring, Michael O’Sullivan.
The schedule for Eastern Indiana Academic Competition includes:
Monday, March 1 - EIAC Conference meet hosted by Daleville.

Indiana Academic Super Bowl Regional in April at Richmond.
Indiana Academic Super Bowl State Finals in May at Purdue University, West Lafayette.