As part of the Union County 2021 Bicentennial Celebration, a free tour of historical homes and barns will take place on Wednesday, June 30.

Sites in all six Union County townships will be visited. Union County Transit will provide buses. Licensed transit drivers will donate their time. In addition to featuring historic structures, the tour will include 2021 porches, vegetable patches, and flower gardens representing the way residents have enjoyed their homes for 200 years. Incidental sights of forests, crop land, quilt barns, and animals destined for the 4-H fair will enhance the tour routes.

Buses will depart Union County Middle School at 9:00 am. If ticket holders are not checked in by 8:50 am, spaces will be offered to non-ticket holders present. Cars can be left in the parking lot during the day. The tour will end at the middle school parking lot at approximately 4:00 pm. Passengers will be dropped off and picked up at the courthouse square for lunch. Lunch will be available at restaurants/carry outs in downtown Liberty.

Spaces for the tour are limited. Handicapped accommodations are available. Reservations are required and will be made by phone only (765) 458-5890 or (847) 668-3808. Tickets will be mailed based on phone confirmation (no text or voice messages, please).
Explore Union County from a unique perspective, whether you are a lifelong resident or a visitor. Marvel at the construction techniques used for historic barns which are gradually being demolished. See a century-old barn which still exists inside a new barn built around it. View exterior architectural details and photos of hidden interior compartments in a home which was part of the Underground Railway. Visit the barn on a farm which has been operated by one family for over two hundred years. See Brownsville which was originally intended to be the county seat until Liberty was selected for its central location. Be invited inside a historic home currently being remodeled but retaining many original details. Enjoy the beauty of a lawn with numerous flower vignettes that are maintained by buckets of water hand-carried from an outdoor source on the property.

The Union County 2021 Bicentennial Committee thanks tour volunteers and residents for this once-in-two-centuries opportunity to celebrate Union County “then and now.”