Brookville Town Council held a special meeting on the evening of July 27 at the Schilling Center to discuss two resolutions, remote access for meetings, and the addition of two town council members to the board.

The meeting started with a short discussion about Resolution No. 2022-3 for remote access for council members during meetings. The motion was made and passed.

Next was Resolution No. 2022-4 which proposed it would be in the best interest of the town and residents to increase the number of members on the town council from five to seven.

 Shirley Seufert, Brooke Leffingwell, and Cathy Pelsor shared the addition of two members would help town council members have more time to participate in other town activities by dispersing the workload among seven members.

 Town council member Chuck Campbell was opposed, stating less government is always better.

After discussion from the board before the vote took place, Bridget Hayes (who is running for town council unopposed in the November election) asked if public comment was allowed. Reeves informed Hayes it was the council’s decision as public comment is only required to be permitted during a public hearing.

Reeves told the council they could allow comments, comments with restrictions, or the council could choose not to allow any public comment. The town council agreed to allow comments as long as they were short, respectful, and on the agenda topic.

 Hayes was the first community member to address the council and shared she was running for town council (ward 2) unopposed in the November election and will take office Jan. 1.

“I would like to respectfully ask the two board members that won’t be serving anytime in the next four years either abstain from the vote or delay the vote in any way because what you are doing is you are affecting the town board in a way that you have no control over, so you are kind of hamstringing the next two members,” Hayes began. “Fortunately for the both of you, that was not done to you when you took over, that you won fair and square from the voters, so I respectfully ask you to vote no to give Earl Moore and I a chance to serve as you did.”

Brian Patterson and Fred Neeley also offered commentary for the board to consider. 

Patterson encouraged Seufert to change her vote, while Neely shared the importance of educating the town in these types of instances so the town can  make informed decisions.

The motion was passed with a three-to-one vote, to place the public question, "Shall the number of Town Council Members for the Town of Brookville be increased from five to seven" on the General Election Ballot on Nov. 8, ultimately leaving the decision to the residents of Brookville.

If the resolution is passed in the November election, the current town council will appoint the two new council members.