While the 2020 election was anything but ordinary, with record voting turnout numbers and a lengthy delay in the results of the presidential election, locally, everything stayed pretty tame.

Locally, the Franklin County Clerk's Office reported on Monday, Nov. 2 , 1,316 early voters voted by mail (compared to 558 in 2016) and 3,065 early voters voted in person (compared to 1,249 in 2016), not including the 150 people who voted that morning. At the time of that report, there were 4,428 early voters compared to 1,869 from 2016 and this included all methods of voting.

After all 23 precincts had reported, out of 12,081 votes in Franklin County for the presidential election, Donald Trump received 81 percent of the votes, Joe Biden received 18 percent, Jo Jorgenson received 1.4 percent and write-ins were at .17 percent. As of Monday, Nov. 9, the Associated Press is reporting Joe Biden as President-elect while Georgia is still tabulating votes.

Eric Holcomb (R) re-secured his role as Indiana's governor; out of 11,822 votes he secured 73 percent. Woody Myers (D) received 14 percent of the vote and Donald Rainwater (L) was at 13 percent.

In the race for Indiana Attorney General, Todd Rokita (R) received 81 percent of 11,264 votes over Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfel who received 19 percent. Greg Pence (R) will again serve as U.S. Rep. District 6 after receiving 79 percent of 11,805 votes. Jeannine Lee Lake (D) received 17 percent, Tom Ferkinhoff (L) came in at 4 percent and write-ins were at .02 percent. 

Uncontested state positions included State Senator District 42 Jean Leising (R), who received 3,860 votes, State Rep. District 55 Cindy Meyer Ziemke (R), who received 2,645 votes and State Rep. District 68 Randy Lyness (R), who received 7,424 votes.

Locally, Clay Kellerman (R), Judge of the Circuit 37 Court District, received 10,335 votes. Hollie Maxie (R), County Recorder, received 9,985 votes. Jolene Beneker (R), County Treasurer, received 9,979 votes. 

Republican Rob Seig beat out Democrat Glenn Bailey for the position of county surveyor. Out of 11,480 votes, Seig received 78 percent to Bailey's 22 percent. 

County Commissioner District 3, Tom Wilson (R) received 10,054 votes. 

County council will welcome Carroll Lanning (R) and Brian Patterson (R). Lanning received 29 percent of 23,515 votes while Patterson received 27 percent. Incumbent Glen Bischoff (R) received the most votes at 32 percent. Democrat Christina Chappelow Persson received 12 percent. 

Incumbent Gina Gillman was the lone Democrat to secure a spot in the local election. Gillman will continue to serve as Brookville town clerk-treasurer after receiving 51 percent of 1,244 votes. It was a close race with Republican challenger Derrike Kolb receiving 49 percent. 

Brooke Leffingwell (R) will represent Ward 1 on the Brookville Town Council after securing 70 percent of 1,240 votes. Democratic opponent Gary “Gig” Marmouze received 30 percent. 

Charles (Chuck) Campbell will be representing Ward 3 on BTC after receiving 59 percent of the vote while Darrel Flaspohler (D) received 41 percent of the vote. Curtis Ward (R), who ran uncontested, will continue to represent Ward 5, receiving 1,000 votes. 

The Franklin County Community School Corporation Board of Trustees will see some turnover beginning in January. Secret Brougher will replace Francis Brumback in District 1, receiving 1,048 votes. Brumback elected not to run again. Current board president Matt Siedling also opted to not run; Grant Reeves, the attorney for Franklin County government, takes over in District 4 after receiving 1,568 votes. 

District 2 saw Ricky Gill seeking reelection over Mike Kuehn and Kyle Seibert. Gill won District 2, receiving 51 percent of 1,819 votes. Kuehn received 15 percent and Seibert 34 percent.  

The race for District 3 had many candidates, but ultimately, Justin Moore received 26 percent of 1,792 votes. Randall Bolos received 23 percent. Incumbent Phil Harsh received 23 percent. Bradley Hahn received 18 percent and Dustin Robinson received 10 percent. 

As far as straight party voters, Franklin County saw 4,483 straight party Republican voters, 550 straight party Democratic voters and five Libertarian.