The Franklin County Public Library District board held its rescheduled meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

Phil Harsh was welcomed as a new member to the board. Harsh is replacing John Palmer as the Franklin County Community School Board of Trustees appointment to the board.

The Franklin County Public Library District will now be open to additional honors. On Monday-Thursday, the library will be open 1-8 p.m.

Franklin County Public Library District director Susan Knight said they have seen an increase in requests for the use of meeting rooms. They are considering opening these to non-governmental entities. Knight said she believed they are ready to be open, but wants to make sure they emphasize social distancing.

The plan is to put out requests that tables stay in place to adhere to social distancing. This would also make clean-up and set-up more convenient for library staff. They would also still use the six-foot social distancing requirements.