When it is harvest time in Union County, scenes like the above combine harvesting soybeans along US 27 South are commonly found throughout the county. This happens to be Brad Logue’s bean field with brother Jeff Logue operating the combine.   

The most recent Census of Agriculture, completed by the United States Department of Agriculture in 2017, found 34,593 acres of soybeans planted in Union County, followed closely by corn with 31,328. Forage cultivation accounted for 1,482 acres and 362 acres were planted with wheat. 

The census found 238 farms in the county covering 83,024 of Union County’s 105,728 acres.

A total of 381 producers worked UC’s farms, 64 of which were new or beginning farmers.

Only 18 producers were below the age of 35, while 136 were 65 or older. 

Livestock revenue was less than one tenth of the revenue received from crops, with cattle accounting for the vast majority.