A local school employee was placed on administrative leave last month pending an investigation opened by the Indiana State Police.

Union County College Corner Joint School District released notification of an executive session the afternoon of March 3 to take place the evening of March 8 immediately following the school board’s regularly scheduled meeting. While Indiana’s open door law allows meetings to be held privately to discuss confidential matters, they must provide notification of the reason. The notification for the upcoming session is “with respect to any individual over whom the governing body has jurisdiction to receive information concerning the individual’s alleged misconduct” among other topics. The notification does not specify which employee(s) is under review.

The afternoon of March 5, the school district was notified by ISP the investigation has been closed and no charges are being filed. UCCCJSD corporation counsel Andrew J. Sickman issued the following press release:
[The Union County College Corner Joint School District is aware of an investigation that was conducted by the Indiana State Police regarding one of its employees. The employee was placed on administrative leave on February 12, 2021, while the Indiana State Police conducted its investigation, and the school district engages in its own independent fact-gathering process. On today’s date, the school district learned that the state police has closed its investigation. Please rest assured that the health, safety, and education of students all remain the highest of priorities of Union County College Corner Joint School District, and that the current status of this matter does not jeopardize that continuing goal. Any inquiries may be directed to Andrew J. Sickmann, Corporation Counsel, at 765-962-7527.]