An over three-year investigation into a local restaurant chain owning Los Primos (Bright), El Reparo (Brookville), El Reparo (Liberty), El Reparo (Greensburg), El Reparo (Rushville), and Mez Cal (Rushville) has come to a close as a result of plea agreements made by the defendants and Dearborn County prosecutor Lynn Deddens.

Jose Leon, who owns 43 percent of the Brookville El Reparo and 50 percent of the Liberty location, was initially charged with 18 felony counts, including two counts of corrupt business influence (F5); three counts of theft (F5); three counts of conspiracy to commit theft (F5); three counts of money laundering (F5); three counts of conspiracy to commit money laundering; one count of purgery (F6); one count of conspiracy to commit purgery; one count of forgery (F6); one count of conspiracy to commit human trafficking (F5); one count of failure to preserve taxpayer records (MA); one count of failure to remit add-back deduction (F6); and one count of conspiracy to destroy taxpayer records (F6).

The probable cause affidavit provided by Deddens provided calculations showing what was believed to be the discrepancy amount for unreported taxable sales for tax years 2015-17. The affidavit showed the estimated amount of underpaid sales tax for the Brookville and Liberty locations having an estimated sales tax loss of $120,440 and a total of $491,795 estimated sales tax loss for all of the sites. Leon's original trial date was set for Dec. 02, 2019, but was rescheduled numerous times, with the most recent trial date set for Jan. 04, 2021.

Before the trial could commence, it was canceled, reason: agreed resolution. On Dec. 9, according to records found on, defendant Jose Leon, with counsel Edward Delaney, prosecutor Edward Timothy and judicial officer James Humphrey, appeared via Zoom due to the emergency COVID-19 pandemic, for a review of negotiated plea.

The plea agreement was on amended count 16, failure to maintain taxpayer records, a level six felony. The court accepted Leon's guilty plea, and Leon received a sentence of 365 days of jail with 365 suspended, with 365 days of non-reporting probation. Defendant was to contact probation and schedule appointment for 378 days to begin on the day of sentencing. The court accepted the guilty plea and instructed Leon to report to probation beginning Dec. 9, 2020. The plea agreement was filed on Dec. 16, 2020.