Rafael Lopez of Richmond was sentenced on Jan. 17, after changing his plea of not guilty to guilty of Reckless Homicide which is a level five felony.

The Reckless Homicide charge stemmed from a three-vehicle crash on May 10, at 4:45 p.m. resulting in the death of Samuel Weller of Liberty. Lopez was driving without ever receiving a license and was passing another vehicle on a double yellow line at roughly 86 mph when he struck Weller who was on a motorcycle. 

A Level 5 felony has a sentence ranging from one year to six years in prison as well as a fine of up to ten thousand dollars. The advisory sentence is three years which is what Lopez was sentenced to with 282 days suspended for time already served and days earned for good behavior.

Weller's wife Amanda feels the sentence does not fit the crime and plans to write legislators about changing the law or creating a new law. The 765 will sit down with Amanda for an interview to hear more about her plans moving forward. In the meantime she is asking the community to continue praying for her family.