The Brookville Redevelopment Commission convened its monthly meeting on Monday, Feb. 15 where the board gave updates on many local projects.

Town administrator Tim Ripperger said the sewer line project on Progress Street would likely be delayed until May. The metal to be used for shoring will not be ready until May, therefore delaying the project.

The HWC Engineering sidewalk project that will go from IMI to possibly the west entrance of the Brookville Elementary School is still ongoing. Ripperger said there is some paperwork to take care of before funds from the Indiana Department of Transportation are released for right of way acquisition.

Once done, construction can start but that likely will not begin until 2022, according to Ripperger. The piece of sidewalk running in front of Cobblestone Hotel was completed by the hotel crew during construction. Commission member Eric Johnson said they already have a super nice part of the project completed, and it would be nice to have the rest done.

There was some interest in possibly developing a parks and recreation board. This would be a conduit to receive grants related to the park.

The survey for the Blight Elimination Project site has been completed. Seig Surveying is working on a site layout and will be giving it to the BRC in the next weeks. Once approved, they will get the layout for the retaining wall and then hopefully have everything out to bid by April.

Other items on the agenda included:
Two additional flashing crosswalks will still be installed at 9th and 11th streets. The pool project has been shut down for a few weeks, and when they begin pouring concrete for the pool, they will do the crosswalks as well.

There was no update on the sidewalk matching grant project. This proposed project would allow for citizens in the town to pay 50 percent for sidewalk repairs and the town would pay the other 50 percent until funds run out.

Ripperger gave an update on Valley House Flats. All affordable housing is currently rented out and there are 14 market rate units still available.

The next BRC meeting will be March 15, at 6 p.m.