While their mates at Franklin County High School are enjoying a great year on the football field, the 8th-grade boys at Franklin County Middle School are no strangers to success.

The young Wildcats are 49-3 since they were 4th-graders in 2016 and incredibly have not dropped a game in the last three years (24-0).

Over the last eight years, many of these boys took to the football field for the first time and only a few have parted ways. Since 2016, a core group of young athletes learned what it was like to play as a team and understood the concept of what it took to have a winning program. They have brought home two Super Bowl championships (5th and 6th-grade years) and had undefeated seasons their 5th, 7th, and 8th-grade years.

Through the years, this team has played many well-fought battles, but as the boys have grown and developed, not too many teams in the surrounding area have posed much of a threat to their winning streak.

This streak would be tested during their 8th-grade recognition night. A select team from NW Cincinnati – the Tower Titans - agreed to come to FCMS and play the combined 7th and 8th-graders due to a COVID cancellation. Tied 8-8, the game came down to an overtime battle. The visitors would go on to score the first touchdown in OT, but the FC defense shut down their 2-point conversion attempt. Franklin County was able to match the touchdown to make the score 14-14, but unlike the visitors, the 'Cats were able to connect a completed pass for a final score of 16-14.

While this team possesses some very athletic and talented kids, a team is nothing without good coaching and guidance. This team has been lucky enough to be surrounded by some terrific coaches through their young careers.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” And for the class of 2025, the journey has just begun.