The Tri-Eastern Conference recently announced 14 players as All-Conference and nine others Honorable Mention. Tri High senior Bailey Parham was selected Player of the Year.

 Tri finished with three on the All-Conference list, Winchester two, Northeastern two, Union County two, Union City, Centerville, Lincoln, Hagerstown and Knightstown one each. Honorable Mention also lists one player from all nine teams. 

Hill, McCashland and Fields were leaders throughout the 16-10 season with a sectional championship and regional appearance tucked under their belts.

Hill finished her senior year with 191 rebounds, 271 total points, 12 assists, 27 steals and 8 blocked shots.

McCashland’s sophomore season included 239 total points, 82 rebounds, 31 assists, 56 steals and 2 blocked shots.

Fields played out her senior year with 159 total points, 67 rebounds, 100 assists, 67 steals and blocked 2 shots.
2022-23 Tri Eastern Conference All Conference Player of the Year-Bailey Parham- Tri. All Conference - Rylee Boyd, Kenley Cornelius; Abi Clarke, senior - Honorable Mention.

Winchester - Caitlyn Campbell, senior; Morgan Lawrence, senior; Reagan Riggin - Honorable Mention.

Northeastern - Addisen Mastriano, junior; Ava Mikesell, sophomore; Adysson Kircher  - Honorable Mention. 

Union County - Shelby Hill, senior; Katie McCashland, sophomore; Brooke Fields - senior - Honorable Mention.

Union City - Oaklee Reichard - sophomore; Gabby Ordonez, sophomore - Honorable Mention.

Hagerstown - Hannah Ridge - senior; Delaney Oliger - senior.

Centerville - Gabby Duke - senior; Malorie Woodruff - senior - Honorable Mention.

Lincoln - Alivia Anderson - junior; Elliott Jones - Honorable Menton.

Knightstown - Taylor Reagan - senior; Anna Roberson - Honorable Mention.

Final TEC Standings:
Northeastern, Winchester,  Tri High, Union City, UNION COUNTY, Hagerstown, Knightstown, Lincoln, Centerville.