The football scrimmage between South Decatur and Union County last Friday could be scored as a tie although official scores were not kept in the 150 minutes allowed.

“Overall I thought we got out what we really needed,” UC head coach Joel Hofmann said. “We had a plan to get the starters rest and we did that.”

The Patriots got off to a good start (first down on first play), mixed up the offense (rushing and passing), and the offensive line held their own but without UC reaching the end zone.

Defensively, the Pats recovered an SD fumble on their second play but gave up five first downs and a pair of touchdowns within 15 plays.

“A lot of their bigger plays happened when we were resting our guys and we had less experience on the field,” Hofmann said.

UC’s first TD (18 yd. run) came in the second series of plays after giving up some 18 yards when caught behind the line of scrimmage. The Cougars also scored in that series.

The final series of plays was a stand-off when both teams found the end zone once each.

“Our main goal tonight was to get out of here injury free,” Hofmann said. “We moved the ball down the field without too much from their defense.”

All-in-all it was a good showing - the Patriots made first downs, touchdowns, tackles including sacks, recovered fumbles, made mistakes (penalties) and came away with a good feeling to start the season.

“We’ve got some pretty talented kids moving the ball and blocking for us,” the UC coach said.

The Patriots’ season begins at home this Friday, Aug 20, with Northeastern visiting. Game time is 7 p.m.

2021 Union County Football roster...

Seniors - Ragen Bias QB/DB, Gabe Cox K/WR/DB, Tristan Jones WR,DB, Blake Richards RB/WR/OLB, Reece Watterson RB/LB, Skylar Edwards OL/DL, David Kalnbach OL/DL.
Juniors - Michael Eversole WR/QB/LB, Matthew Wooley WR/DB, Jayden Tipton WR /OLB, Evan Wolf WR/RB/OLB, Ryland Schulte OL/LB, Aaron Herring OL/DL, Ben Tom OL/DL, Marek Whitesell OL/DL.
Sophomores - Topher Fritts WR/DB, Wade Hinkel WR/DB, Noah Mullins WR/OLB, Justin Ramsey WR/DB, Gunner Dishmond OL/DL, Chris Stubeda OL/DL.
Freshmen - Xander Garwood WR/DB, Nathan Taylor WR/OLB, Memphis Kratzer RB/WR/DB, Leighton Jones OL/DL.
Coaching Staff - Joel Hofmann, head coach; Assistants-Scott Watterson, Dustin Tipton, Rob Kurtz, Chris Ferris.