The Union County archery team shot 3,034 at Frame’s Archery Range this week against Northeastern’s 2,874.

Olivia Ramey and Brooke Marcum both shot 268 with Marcum edging out Ramey in the tie breaker. Marcum had 10 10’s to Ramey’s 9 10’s. Clayton Pearson’s 260 was the top boys’ score. 

Union County will participate in the Archery in the Schools State Tournament on Saturday, March 14, in Indianapolis.

Northeastern (2,974) Individual scores not available.

Union County (3,034) Brooke Marcum 268, Olivia Ramey 268, Emily Harrison 263, Elly Volz 261, Clayton Pearson 260, Elijah Gilbrith 259, John Ridenour 255, Wyatt Mathews 255, Morgan Whitsell 252, Raigen Singer 250, Alan Browning 233, Hayden Witter 219.