The following statement was issued to Whitewater Publications and The Franklin County Observer:
“Please tell the people of Franklin County Indiana just how serious the coronavirus is. It’s here. My father is in the hospital in serious condition on a ventilator. He is a confirmed case. My mother has mild symptoms and a fever, but she has not been tested. Please publish this information so others will take proper precautions and stay home. I ask that you not print my name out of respect for my family’s privacy.”
Your Neighbor
March 15, Franklin County Health Department (FCHD) announced its first presumptive positive case of COVID-19. On March 17, a second case of presumptive positive was confirmed by the FCHD. Since the initial reporting of the first confirmed case, another statement was released by FCHD with an update on the presumptive positive case. Below is the statement in part:
“The individual (presumptive positive case), a male in his early forties, is recovering well at home where he and his family remain in self-quarantine. Health officials report that the individual continues to self-assess, although he no longer shows any symptoms of the illness. The family who has shown no symptoms of the illness, also continue to self-assess.”
To read the full statement, visit the FCHD Facebook page.
This is a rapidly evolving story in the community. Updates will be provided when available.